King’s Biergarten was established on April 15th, 2011. Hans Sitter, the founder of King’s, started by renovating an old computer shop into a quaint 45 seat restaurant. The purpose was to get a great bier and a bratwurst while you were getting your car washed on the same property. We started with 8 employees, no air-conditioning, limited seats, and a whole lot of adversity in the beginning, but we always held on to our vision. This is our story…


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney


Kings Biergarten HoustonOne Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure – January 2009

Hans Sitter purchases the property where King’s Biergarten currently stands. The property was initially damaged by Hurricane Ike; the vision was to develop a hand car wash and detail center.




Where Customers Get The Royal Treatment – June 2009

King’s Hand Carwash opens for business! Providing customers with full detail services, hand carwashes, and even state inspections!





Drive Fast, Take Chances – August 2009

King’s Hand Carwash business starts booming as more and more details, boats, and cars frequent the facility.





Started with a Brat and a Dream – May 2010

Hans Sitter starts a free Bratwurst stand for guests to enjoy while they wait. After 4 weeks, it gets shut down for improper structure and permitting. This is where it all began.




“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” – October 2010

Hans’ passion comes to life and he starts to develop the concept “while you wait you can eat a bratwurst and have a great bier” on the same property you’re getting a carwash.




Kings Biergarten in HoustonYodel-Ay-Hee-Hoo! – February 2011

Hans starts noticing there are hardly any restaurants that have a real patio to eat, drink, and be entertained on. He makes the decision to develop a real “Biergarten,” like the ones in Munich or Vienna. Finally calling the new concept “King’s Biergarten & Restaurant.”




Inside View Kings Biergarten in HoustonWell, It’s A Start – April 15th 2011

King’s Biergarten opens for business. It’s a quaint restaurant with 45 seats, a small outdoor patio, and no real air-conditioning.





Where It’s Oktoberfest© All Year Round! – April 15th 2011

Even though it’s 100+ degrees in the Texas summer guests still enjoy the outdoor patio (which had no covering or shade).





The Little Castle That Could – March 2012

Almost a year has gone by and King’s already completed two expansions. The roof on the outdoor patio and a new tent seating area.





Loosen Your Lederhosen! – May 2012

By the 1st anniversary King’s get featured on the Houston Chronicle, Houston Press “Top 100 Dishes”, and many more. Guests start coming from all areas to see what the buzz is all about.





Voted Americas Very Best! – October 2012

King’s Biergarten was officially voted as #1 “The Best German Restaurant in America 2012-2013.” Receiving over 8,000 votes by customers who voted daily! The competition was put on by Germandeli.com, Spaten Brewery, and Air Berlin. 500+ restaurants were competing for the title.




ead2a8d2-79c9-4d88-b168-37ae6671bdcaLights, Camera, Action!- September 2012

As popularity grew King’s received more attention being featured on ABC 13, Channel 11, and Fox News, along with all of the local new publications.





Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke Hoi Hoi Hoi! – September 2013

King’s 3rd Oktoberfest is a big success! With over 5,000 attendees enjoying live music, lots of bier, brats, and…. the chicken dance! Click Here See More…Click Here See More





Extreme Make Over: Biergarten Edition – April 2013

At King’s 2nd year anniversary a lot had changed! The restaurant had grown from 45 to over 200 seats; 8 employees to over 50!





eedb8724-7b0a-4d63-b7f0-The Expansions Continue! – January 2014

King’s continues to grow with even more indoor and outdoor expansions, totally renovating what used to be old warehouse into a full restaurant facility.





Every King Needs A Castle – March 2014

As the restaurant grew, the carwash was removed for extra parking for all the guests. Now it has become the “Castle” office for Hans and Philipp.





What Once Was A Dream – April 15th 2014

At King’s 3rd Anniversary, a lot has changed from the beginning. What started as a carwash and a 45 seat restaurant became a monument in Pearland, Tx with over 6 full expansions in such a short time! To this day it’s continuing to grow!!





entrance“The Expansion Continues” Jan 1st. 2015

King’s had received national awards such as Top 12 Beer Gardens in America and local Top 150 Best Workplaces in Houston. Hans completed his 13th expansion of the property.





bierhaus“A New Legacy” May 5th. 2016

King’s announces their new concept “King’s BierHaus” to open spring 2017 in The Heights in Houston, Tx.



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